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Fashion illustration in watercolours

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I will be conducting a watercolour fashion illustration workshop on the night of August 22nd. If you are in Singapore and keen to learn something fun, feel free to join me in this class!
My email is

I will also be holding a workshop in Taipei in the last quarter of the year! You may also drop me an email to express your interest if you will be visiting Taiwan!

Which other parts of the world shall I visit to teach? Let me know!!

Galaxy S5 Review



Are you eligible for a re-contract on your smartphone plan yet? If so, I would like to recommend Samsung’s newest flagship handset, the Galaxy S5. I’ve been using the Galaxy S5 for a couple of weeks now and I’d say it’s definitely one smartphone that delivers performance.

The handset spec boasts a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 chipset, with a 2GB RAM, 16 / 32GB of HDD memory (extendable to 128GB with microSD) and expanded its Super AMOLED screen to 5.1” (a point one inch increase from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4).

One most practical improvement in the handset would be its IP67 certification for its protection against dust and water. It has an in-built UI for the flap cover in its charging port, where it reminds you with a warning if it’s been exposed. The phone is almost completely waterproof, which means that you can now take videos underwater!

I also like to take pictures with my phone and the Galaxy S5 has been doing a mighty fine job so far! The 16 MP back-facing camera is supported by a fairly effective picture stabilisation system that has auto-focus features. The camera performs excellently in low light. In addition, it is able to take 2160p video recordings at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps!


The front-facing camera is still 2 MP. However, I am in love with the auto-setting Beauty Face filter that makes my skin look almost flawless every time!

Samsung has also added several biometric features to its new handset. First of all, the Home key button doubles up as a fingerprint scanner. After registering your fingerprint ID in the handset, all you have to do is swipe your finger down on the bottom of the screen over to the Home key button. I tried this and it detected my fingerprint accurately on the first try! So amazing!

Apart from this, it also has an in-built heart rate monitor on the rear beside the LED flash. Basically, it lights up your finger with an infrared light and takes about 8 seconds to get a reading. I think this would be particularly appealing to you if you do lots of cardio exercises. Another way would be to pair it up with the Gear Fit, which tracks the data in real-time and provides a full breakdown after your exercise.


As if it is not stylish enough, you can even accessorise the Gear Fit with Swarovski band rings that would add extra bling to this already fashionable wrist-wear.

Another feature that appeals to me is its sensor for air gestures! (Yes, I know this has been there for the S4 as well, but I just want to emphasise the convenience of having this feature). It allows me to scan through the pictures that I have in my gallery much faster than opening them up one by one! I think it is extremely convenient for someone like me who needs to take many pictures of my artworks before finally selecting the best one.


Lastly, the back cover of the handset has been replaced with a soft cover (rather than a metallic back). I have a preference for soft covers because they serve as better cushions than hard ones. I’m not sure about you, but it seems like I drop my phone pretty often due to my frequent clumsiness. The soft cover gives me an added sense of security when such incidents happen.

Overall, I think the Galaxy S5 can give you the best goodies that Samsung has to offer yet- beautiful full-HD screen, incredibly long battery life and a feature-rich camera.


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